As part of its complete list of paving services, American Asphalt is one of the limited providers for paving repair. For repair and sealcoating of any asphalt cracks in Western Montana, you trust American Asphalt for paving services that restore, enhance and protect.

Highly durable and requiring minimal upkeep, asphalt is the ideal choice for most surfaces. Whether your requirements include the paving and resurfacing of your backyard, or driveway, American Asphalt will work closely with you to create new surfaces or refurbish an existing area that has deteriorated.

Let our skilled professionals at American Asphalt help you with your repairs and maintenance of concrete or asphalt for surfaces which are designed to handle a high level of activity in residential or commercial settings.

Offering technologically advanced methods and superior products, American Asphalt’s surfaces are meant to withstand high traffic and handle a fluctuating climate.


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